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We have all been there in one situation or another, we’ve hired a service to perform jobs for us and they just don’t get it right.   It’s simple, isn’t it, we told them to clean the house or make the yard nice?  Why isn’t it done the way you want it done?  Simple answer is both yourself and the contractor did not communicate.  You thought clean the house included dusting those cobwebs beneath the bed, or from the chandelier.   The contractor believed you understand that those items are not included in standard cleaning duties.    The problem lies in our assuming too much and not wanting to appear demanding.  
    What can lead to a win/win relationship are honesty and a willingness to pay for what you want.  Isn’t it logical then to sit down and carefully craft a list of duties that you expect and will pay for , and which the contractor can professionally and happily provide for the agreed upon price.
    Agreed this is not rocket science, however, it is the root of most dissatisfied client/contractor relationships.  Take the time to clearly and in a detailed fashion, list what you want done.  Be prepared to pay a reasonable fee for these services, (the old adage that you get what you paid for is still true) and then find a professional contractor. You will enjoy a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.