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What steps do you take to employ green initiatives?

We ensure that cleaning products are 100% eco friendly; we turn lights off in areas where our crews are not working; we follow stringent recycling programs; our equipment is energy efficient and well-maintained; we minimize water use and waste; our crews are strategically deployed to minimize driving time and fuel consumption.

What do you charge per square foot?

We don’t quote our charge in price  per square foot; this does not take into account the unique characteristics of your premises. Although two buildings may be commercial, one may have marble floors and the other have VCT floors. The time and equipment it takes to professionally maintain the two different establishments makes a common sq. ft. price invalid. Only with our detailed walk through and quote, can we provide you a realistic and effective price.

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes, Cynmar Cleaning carries a service blanket bond with the Cooperators insurance along with 5.0 million in liability insurance. We are also registered and compliant with the Workmens Compensation Board. We can provide clearance certificates and copies of insurance endorsement pages to verify this and add parties as third party insured if necessary.

What equipment do we need to supply?

Cynmar Cleaning provides our own equipment and chemicals to effectively clean your establishment. We can meet any Leeds or allergic criteria you may require and maintain our equipment in good working order.

Our previous cleaning company kept changing people. Will we see the same people cleaning our business?

Like most companies, we do from time to time experience turnover in staff. However, we pride ourselves in retaining our teams and have staff working that have been with us in excess of ten years. This allows them to be thoroughly aware of the pitfalls of their building and act almost like a property manager. It also allows us to provide ongoing and contemporary training in the most up to date methods and techniques.

I’d like to have the staff do different duties every week. Is this possible?

We make every attempt to accommodate our clients’ wishes however, staff is scheduled to do more than one premises a day. Their time frames and availability are somewhat restricted. If you have a special event outside of your list of specifications, please call us ahead of time and we’ll arrange some additional staff or availability to meet your needs.

How much do you charge to clean a 2000 sq. ft. home?

You may see companies providing quotes for their different packages for example their bronze package covers so many details and costs “x” amount of dollars, the silver  package covers more details and costs you “y” amount of dollars et cetera. We at Cynmar Cleaning believe that YOUR home is very personal to you and a package deal does not give YOU value for your money, nor is it professional on our part. We will visit your home, review the list of specifications that you want, provide a price for those specifications, and then revisit the quote perhaps deleting items you wanted but upon seeing the price, decided you didn’t really need. In the end, we provide a comprehensive maintenance schedule that satisfies your needs and falls within your budget.

Do I have to sign a contract for your services?

Cynmar Cleaning asks that you sign a service agreement that stipulates the amount to be charged as well as the agreed upon list of specifications. This outlines the work to be done as well as the frequency of the service. It also provides for terms of termination by either party upon receipt of a specified notice. We have found that this simple agreement prevents any misconceptions and disagreements between ourselves and our valued clients.

What if I’m not satisfied with your services?

We at Cynmar will listen to your misgivings, and review the agreed upon specifications with you. Perhaps something has risen in importance and you feel it is now required and we’ll be happy to talk with you about this. Sometimes, life throws us curves and our situation has changed so you no longer require our service. We understand this and upon receipt of notice will professionally wish you the best and hope to meet your needs at some time in the future.

What do I do if something is damaged?

Cynmar Cleaning is fully insured and any damage that is a result of our actions or inaction will be reviewed. Chances are, if we’ve damaged something you’ll find a message to please contact us so we can quickly remedy the issue. 

Are those steam mops as good as they say they are?

Steam can be a very effective and green cleaning practice, however, it should only be used by a knowledgeable professional. As an example, many view the use of steam mops to be effective for cleaning hardwood flooring. I ask, how are canoes and barrels made, and any other wood medium that requires bends? In all instances, the wood is subjected to steam and moisture which makes it pliable and able to be bent. As it dries, it has a tendency to maintain this shape. Continuous usage of steam mops on hardwood flooring, laminate flooring etc., can cause the wood strips to heave, pop nails and crack, leading to expensive repairs. As well, many new systems use steam in shower stalls and bathroom tile. Understand that the grout is porous in nature and the excessive use of steam can cause it to crumble, again, an expensive repair. These systems can be good if properly used but inexperience can cause severe problems.

Can I use common household bleach as a disinfectant?

The simple answer is yes, however chemistry is never simple. Bleach or sodium hypochlorite, makes an effective disinfectant if mixed with water in the proper dilution ratio.  However, it is not a very good cleaner and this is where the problem lies. If you mix bleach with anything like vinegar or detergents with ammonia in them you create some toxic and very dangerous chemicals. We are talking chlorine, possibly hydrazine, hydrochloric acid all nasty and dangerous. Even mixing bleach with 3 small squirts of Windex can cause a situation resulting in shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, watery /irritated eyes and even pneumonia.

Is Vinegar a good disinfectant?

This is a question that is a bit murky to answer. Although vinegar as an ascetic acid has bacteria and virus killing capabilities, it’s success is somewhat undocumented. Believers will tout it as the most effective green disinfectant out there. However, although documented studies have shown that it does in fact kill “some” E. Coli, there are no studies that I’ve been able to find to show exactly how effective it is. As well, I haven’t been able to find anything to say how effective it is against the new MRSA and C. diff strains.