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Happy Family who use AqueSan

  • Neutralize odours

  • Remove stains

  • Kill bacteria

  • Non-toxic

  • Child and pet-friendly

  • Cost effective

AqueSan™ is a spray on cleaner used to decontaminate surfaces and eliminate odours from fabrics, carpets and upholstery while leaving behind no distinct smell. A liquid containing stabilized chlorine dioxide, CLO2, AqueSan™ can also be used to remove biological stains from fabrics. It attacks and breaks down odour-causing bacteria to ensure that the smell will not come back after a few days.

Chlorine dioxide kills bacteria by attacking them at the cellular level and in such a way that bacteria will not develop a resistance to it. While remaining non-toxic, chlorine dioxide kills bacteria found in and around foodstuffs, like salmonella in poultry products, making it the perfect disinfectant for kitchens. It is safe to use around children and pets.

AqueSan™ is now available at Cynmar Cleaning Inc. to ensure a sanitized home or any other living space. The speed and effectiveness of AqueSan™ is already proven in many businesses including: daycare centres, senior’s residences, RV dealers, real estate, health clubs, pet groomers, travel, hospitality and even in biohazardous and commercial environments.

To learn more, contact us at (519) 853-2327 or visit the manufacturer’s website or CLO2 Systems 

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