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An applied, self-cleaning surface material that cleans and disinfects by continuously oxidizing organic matter.

  • Self-cleaning surface

  • 24/7 disinfectant

  • Environmentally safe

  • More powerful than bleach

  • Non-toxic

  • Durable

The increased need for hygienic, self-disinfecting and contamination-free surfaces has led to the development of self-cleaning protective materials with applications in medicine, education, environment, hospitality and travel. Self-cleaning material for door handles, menus, placemats, desktops, bathroom vanities and grocery cart handles are just some of the applications.

Nanoseptic treated handle

NanoSeptic® products are made with environmentally safe, ‘green’ chemistry by using nanotechnology and material science combined to provide a non-leaching, self-cleaning surface. A light-powered catalytic oxidation process, more powerful than bleach, decomposes dirt and pollutants under light exposure. Nothing is released from the surface… no toxins, heavy metals or poisons. These specialized products are durable and fabricated to withstand routine cleaning.

NanoSeptic® surfaces are not meant to replace disinfectants and sanitizers. They serve as an effective compliment. While conventional approaches will clean a touchpoint or a person’s hand, contamination happens with the next contact or from airborne contaminants. The purpose of continuously self-cleaning NanoTouch® products is to reduce the likelihood that contaminants will be transferred from one contact to the next.

The goal of NanoTouch Materials products is to create a greener world and “a cleaner, healthier environment in which to live, work and play.“ Mark Sisson, CEO, NanoTouch® Materials.

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