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The answer is “NO, I can’t, why didn’t you think of that when you bought the flooring?”  As professionals in the cleaning industry, we have to start saying no to what we know are “bad” requests.  You just don’t put finish “ON TOP OF” natural stone.  Notice that I said “ON TOP OF”.  There are materials that impregnate, (that’s why they call them impregnators), the porous nature of the stone and protect it against staining.  These materials are not a topical finish and won’t walk off.  However, this is material for another story.

We are professionals but we can’t perform magic and must educate our client that some onus rests with them in making the correct decisions.  You MUST decide ahead of time if you want a glossy finish on your floor and then buy natural stone that has been honed and polished.  Do your research, don’t always believe the salesman, get maintenance opinions before you buy to make sure that the floor material you buy stands up to the area and traffic that you are laying it in.

Otherwise, your silk purse is going to look like a sow’s ear and I can’t perform the magic to make it like a silk purse again.